Emo Capital Corp.

We are premier health and beauty company that aims to find nutrient and diet alternatives.


The idea is simple. We find and promote and distribute health and beauty care products that you can't normally find. We are a premier sourcing company for excellent products.


We provide marketing and distribution for products and health services in a unique way. We grow virally through the internet.


Our company is skilled in promotion and sourcing, distributing, and creating a powerful reseller channel. We are an ecologically responsible company and source products which make sense to the environment. Additionally we are an investor-responsible company since we are a US SEC reporting company, and publicly trading.


We help partner channels (our health and beauty and diet/fitness producers) with marketing and branding.


Emo Capital Corp.

A refreshed new look and vision

We have been very busy for the past 2 years. We have been flying to meet new sources and discovery new ingredients and products. With our new energy, it is fitting to have a new logo. Brown Represents Earth and Ecologically Friendly Division for Emo Green Represents Vegetarian or Vegan product sourcing for Emo. Red […]

25 Nov, 2015 admin